Vote Dennis E. Hruby

47th Assembly District

Dennis Hruby for 47th Assembly Seat...

Vote for Dennis Hruby because the special interest group I serve, and will vote with, is for the voter, the taxpayer, the person, the family-person that is paying the bills of government which is You. I am running as a Common Sense Independent. I will serve You, the most important special interest group. I will work with the Republican and Democratic political machines on assembly bills when they favor You and your best interests. I will fight for You and your special interests. It is You and I who suffer from the consequences of slow or nonfunctional government. I will work on the assembly issues year around and full-time. I do not think of this as a part-time job. Think of me and this election as you hiring a public servant, and not as electing a king.

The Wisconsin legislature just finished government business-issues in the weeks of late May and early June. They were working on the same government business-issues last fall. The Issues of the State budget, the water compact and healthcare caused such consternation for so long. Jobs were at risk if the State budget was not resolved. The legislature still is ½ billion dollars short for the recently approved budget and also pushes another ½ billion dollars to the next budget. If you or I don’t pay our bills the bill collectors will come and tap our assets. If you or I show up late for work or don’t perform, it’s out the door and hit the road for us!

Dennis Hruby (Common Sense Independent)!
I will fight for You because it is time for some Common Sense in government! Meet Dennis Hruby: I am 47 years old. I live on a small farm in the Town of Dane. Prior to attending college I worked for area farmers, worked as an apprenticed machinist, drove semi-truck, worked on a construction framing crew, and part-time jobs while attending college.

I achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology and a Master’s Degree in Technology Education. I tutored first and second grade students as well as adults in English Second Language classes. I volunteered as a mentor and tutor to at-risk students. I completed my Master’s Thesis and with all of that I earned my Teaching License.

I resumed driving semi-trucks until I began teaching Technology Education. I became acutely aware of the need for healthcare when I became disabled. The healthcare I was able to keep under Cobra helped me today to function on the farm and in society again. The life changing event and having health care insurance to pay for treatment and rehabilitation has made me aware how important the healthcare issue is and its image of impending doom of losing everything to pay for healthcare.

What I would do for You the voter and taxpayer, is to fight for you to have at least the same level of affordable health care coverage that You already provide the government legislators You elect. I have decided to run in this election because I have had a glimpse of the need to address the lack of Common Sense In government. My teaching experience has taken me to communities where the loss of jobs and the resulting difficulties of low income has affected life and has had its impact on healthcare, education and general quality of life.

I need your help to win this election. I need your vote. I am doing this at this time entirely on my own. I welcome volunteers and help with mailings, printing, and posting signs with your computer or help with web technology, I would greatly appreciate any help. Please contact me at or (608) 849-5603.